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The bliss of having Maternity Reflexology

Posted by Renni Prelle on October 6, 2015 at 10:35 AM

Have you come across Maternity Reflexology? Well, let me tell you a bit about it and the training I received.

First of all, what is Maternity Reflexology? It is a very gentle form of Reflexology with specialised techniques. The benefits if provides are wonderful at all stages of pregnancy. It may help with conditions such as heartburn, insomnia, morning sickness, anxiety, back problems and many more. It also helps the mum-to-be to deal with the physical and emotional changes her body is going through. Coming for regular sessions during pregnancy will also prepare the woman for labour and for giving birth as it will relax her and the unborn baby. Basically, this is such a calming treatment for every pregnant lady to have and I strongly believe that Maternity Reflexology is a fantastic tool to provide mum-to-be with a sense of well-being throughout pregnancy but also to help with typical pregnancy ailments.

So much about some of the benefits of this treatment, there are many more, believe me!

What I would also like to share though is what happened during my training. Luckily, I found the best tutor I could have wished for at that time (Valerie Groome). She had a very interesting method for us to practice the newly acquired skills. I remember having to role-play (and I hate role-play with a passion), pretending being in labour. There I was, big cushion under my jumper, shouting, swearing, moving along and certainly NOT lying on my back while the person I was working with had the job to find a way of providing Reflexology in this situation. Oh, it was sooo awkward and we all felt embarrassed but it was an important part of my training. The first client I saw after this needed to change position a lot and I was glad that Valerie had made us sit/stand/lie in all angles.

Something else she taught us was that you can see "the baby on the feet". Now, when she told us that, I felt slightly disappointed in her as I found that comment a bit too airy/fairy for my liking. But then we were introduced to lots of pregnant ladies to "work" on and to find the "baby on the feet". I remember getting very emotional because you can see it....... but that's another story to tell you.

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