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Reflexology in York by Therapist Renni Prelle

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Baby Reflex

Baby Reflex and Baby Reflex for Toddlers are forms of Reflexology adapted to suit the needs of babies and toddlers and is taught to parents/guardians only by qualified Reflexologists who will use the baby reflex logo. It is a safe, fun, non-invasive, gentle natural therapy and can be done anywhere and anytime as there is no need to have any clothes removed. Children generally relax and love it, some even fall asleep.

Baby/Toddler Reflex aims to 

  • develop the bonding between parent and baby/toddler   
  • promote baby/toddler's sleep
  • be calming
  • support the body's defences
  • be comforting, especially with teething problems, earache, sinuses, colic, reflux

You will also meet other mums/dads/guardians if you decide on a small group course where we can share experiences and practise on each other or on plastic feet and hands (for toddler reflex). At the end of a session, you will be able to carry out the routine on your own child. 

The session consist of a 90 minutes long workshop where you will learn how to perform a reflexology routine you can use on your own baby/toddler. Please bear in mind, this course is not intended to apply a treatment to any other baby or toddler; it is purely for your own child(ren.

Either one-to-one or in small groups (ideally in baby/toddler's home) or in a venue provided by me.

Once you have learned the skills to treat your child, it is a fabulous and quick, fun therapy that can be used anywhere, anytime and forever. Even grown ups love it....

Price for Baby Reflex: One-to-One= £50, Group of 2 - 6 babies= £25pp. Both parents are welcome to attend the workshop. The same prices apply to Toddler Reflex. Prices include course material and travelling costs within a 10 miles radius as well as continuous support after completion of the workshop.


A few testimonials about Baby Reflex

"Lovely baby reflexology sessions & a lovely chilled out baby, what more could I ask for!" (Claire)

"Very relaxing sessions and now I have a very happy baby. Thanks Renni! X" (Chloe)

"This really helped my little boy with reflux, he doesn't have to take his medication any more." (India)

"Zoe just loves me touching her feet. She instantly seems to relax. Happy baby, happy mum!!" (Louise)


I think what I liked a lot about the baby reflex sessions was how relaxed the atmosphere was. I didn't feel my child needed to cooperate. We felt totally at ease, thanks to Renni's kind personality and cheerful attitude".  (Ali)



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