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Reflexology in York by Therapist Renni Prelle

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Neck and Shoulder Massage

This head-neck and shoulder massage is a deeply relaxing massage applied on the upper back, neck, shoulder, arms and scalp. It reduces muscle tension, increases blood flow to the head, neck and shoulders and promotes deep relaxation. It is a very relaxing treatment which will leave you feeling calm and stress-free.

Treatment: During the treatment he client remains seated and will be fully clothed, but as I can use oils to maximise the benefits, it is better to wear loose clothing in order to be able to remove the top, if you so wish.  A large towel will be provided for you to cover yourself in. Conditions helped with Head-Neck and Shoulder Massage are neck problems, aches and pains, insomnia, tension headaches and shoulder problems.   

Feel the tension leaving your head, shoulders and back as you experience this MASSAGE, and let the stresses of your day evaporate away.

A Head-Neck-Shoulder Massage stimulates your circulation and lymphatic system, removing toxins that have built up in your muscles. It ia a wonderful way to help you cope with stresses of your lifestyle and improve your general health.